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What Can an US Immigration Lawyer Can Do for You?

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February 14, 2024

Initial Assessment and Guidance:

  • Identifying Eligible Visa Category: Lawyers can assess your eligibility for various visa types based on your circumstances (e.g., work, study, investment, family reunification). US Visa Category


  • Completing Application Forms Accurately: They ensure all forms are filled out correctly and with supporting documentation to maximise your chances of approval.


  • Grooming You For Visa Interviews: They can assist in interview preparation, provide guidance on suitable responses, and advocate on your behalf.


  • Appealing For Visa Denials: If your visa application is rejected, they can assist you in comprehending the grounds and examine avenues for appeal.


Application Assistance:


  • Assisting With Form Completion And Document Gathering: Immigration forms often entail intricate details and demand specific documentation. Attorneys can guarantee accuracy and thoroughness to prevent delays or rejections.


  • Review And Edit Your Application: They possess the ability to identify potential issues and bolster your application with pertinent supporting evidence.


  • Engage With USCIS On Your Behalf: They are capable of managing communication with USCIS, promptly responding to requests for information, and ensuring you stay informed about the status of your application.


Initial Assessment and Guidance


Legal Representation: 


  • Represent you in immigration court: If facing deportation proceedings, they can present your case effectively before a judge and fight for your right to stay in the US.


  • Appeal Denied Applications: If your application faces denial, They can analyze the reasons and provide guidance on filing an appeal or exploring alternative options.


  • Legal compliance advice: They offer guidance on preserving your legal status, navigating potential pitfalls, and adhering to evolving immigration regulations.


Legal Representation

Specialised Expertise:


    • Family-Based Immigration: They can offer assistance with petitions for spouses, children, parents, and additional family members.
    • Employment-Based Immigration: They possess the expertise to navigate both businesses and individuals through intricate work visa procedures.
    • Investment-Based Immigration: They offer assistance in navigating the EB-5 program and various investment-based pathways leading to permanent residency.
    • Citizenship And Naturalisation: They assist in navigating the path to US citizenship, offering support in preparing for the citizenship test and interview.
    • Deportation Defence: They provide representation in removal proceedings, advocating for your right to remain in the US.
    • Asylum And Refugee Law: They aid individuals escaping persecution in their home country to pursue asylum or refugee status.

5. Remember:

  • Navigating immigration law complexities is challenging, but with a skilled lawyer, your success prospects can greatly increase.
  • Choosing a lawyer licensed in US immigration law is vital; choose wisely.
  • The services required will vary based on your unique circumstances and objectives.