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We are your trusted legal partner offering consulation and processing for a wide of services ranging from US immigration law, family based US Immigration, US employment visa, US investment, US tourist visa, student visa and more.

Our relentless pursuit of justice and unwavering commitment to our clients set us apart as a premier law firm.

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Services Offered

We offer Consultancy and Processing for All Types of US Immigration Cases.

US Family Based Immigration

Generally, family-based cases are filed in the USA by Spouse, Parents or Child who is a US citizen.

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US Employment Based Immigration

An individual can get US immigration based on his/her employment with a US Company, or, self-petition.

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Court Cases In The USA

As a specialized immigration law firm, we provide legal assistance for Cancellation of Removal.

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US Investment Based Immigration

Qualified company, through its subsidiary in the USA, can sponsor for key officers to enhance business.

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USA Student Visa

Our service extends beyond the visa processing in Bangladesh by assisting and guiding towards better immigration in the US.

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Asylum In USA

Our US office can evaluate your application for Asylum while you are in the USA.

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Client's Testimonials

Asadul A.

The Law Office of Ehsan demonstrated exceptional expertise in Education Law practice. Their prompt and insightful guidance helped resolve my legal issues efficiently. Highly recommended for anyone seeking reliable education law representation.

Anil P.
Service Holder

The Law Office of Ehsan's Criminal Law practice is outstanding. Their skilled attorneys handled my case with utmost proficiency and dedication, achieving the best possible result. Highly recommended for anyone in need of effective criminal defense representation.

Maddy L.
Business Owner

The Law Office of Ehsan excelled in Aviation Law practice. Their in-depth knowledge and attention to detail were evident throughout my case, resulting in a successful outcome. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of expert aviation legal representation.

Felix M.
Apparel Trader

Law Office of Ehsan delivered top-notch arbitration law practice. Their expertise and professionalism ensured a seamless resolution to my legal matter. Highly recommended for anyone in need of arbitration services.

Jayme T.
Founder, YYY Ventures

My attorney at Law Office of Ehsan was excellent, incredibly knowledgeable. Choosing them was a wise decision, and I highly recommend them to anyone injured in an accident.

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Ehsanur Rahman Ehsan, founder and lead attorney at Law Office of Ehsan

Ehsanur Rahman

Licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court of Texas and a member of the State Bar of Texas.

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Samsuzzaman Riton

He oversees Marketing and Operations for Law Office of Ehsan.

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