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International Arbitration Law

In today’s global economy, businesses and individuals are increasingly using international arbitration as an effective and economical way to resolve international business disputes.

No matter how carefully one party draft client’s contracts, disputes do occur. To prevent clients from having to deal with expensive and risky litigation in foreign countries, many lawyers include arbitration clauses in international business agreements. Foreign arbitration awards are recognized and enforceable in the courts of many countries across the globe. International arbitration offers a cost-effective alternative to multi-jurisdictional litigation between parties in different countries.

In addition to being a less expensive and faster method of resolving cross-border disputes, international arbitration can also help parties maintain valuable relationships with foreign business partners.

I have earned Certificate in International Arbitration Skills from the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Houston Law Center. We are available to arbitrate international business law matters and other disputes through the American Arbitration Association’s International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) or under other international dispute resolution rules.